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360’s signature cinematic films activate audiences with story-driven content. Our process-driven approach covers collaboration with clients for gaining a full understanding of project requirements, driving the planning out of a bespoke media and marketing solution. We publish qualifying content on our privileged social media network accounts, seen by audiences worldwide.

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Bespoke cinematic film for real estate marketing.

We design our custom lifestyle films to breathe life into standard marketing campaigns.

Production elevates real estate marketing campaigns with content crafted to command audience attention. Interlacing dynamic everyday living with the best each space has to offer.

We carefully plan motion sequences using our proven technique interweaving storytelling with subliminal messaging to hit all those high marketing notes.

Our custom documentary-style films explore and augment the visual story of each home or project using on-camera interviews and voice-overs.

Production collaborates closely with clients to build and shape the story to ensure both content and narrative deliver a high-impact marketing experience.

This style of film is especially suited to clients seeking to build their professional brand with a personalized approach.

Production incorporates on-screen segments for client appearances, designed for providing viewers extended information about listings, amenities, and surrounding neighbourhoods.

We use this format to pack a ton of punch into short story-based visual segments.

Production crafts these bitesized messages perfect for hard-hitting web marketing, organic and social media ad campaigns.

We produce event films designed for increasing exposure for bigger listings in marketing campaigns. Production designs visual experiences to leverage off all that planning and hard work that goes into staging successful events.

We set up shots and seek out poignant moments, powerful expressions, and remain vigilant in capturing prominent storytelling footage.

We deliver final cut media with integrated marketing messages for publishing anywhere.

We help you move beyond the headshot. Tell your story using our custom profile film format toward building and strengthening your professional brand and personalized market presence.

Production works with each client to provide a signature film as the front door to your business, brand promise, and the quintessential you!

We capture your passion, what sets you apart from your competition, the reasons for doing what you do, and how you do it – help the market choose you.

Custom Film

Lifestyle Films
(starting at)
Documentary-style Films
(starting at)
Realtor Hosting & Narration Films
(starting at)
Event Films
(starting at)
Realtor Profile Films
(starting at)
Add-ons or Upgrades
Social media formatted video teaser$150
Social media promotion, YouTube & Instagram
(starting at)
Daytime property return visit
(minimum fee)
Twilight property return visit
(minimum fee)
Surrounding area / amenity footage - stock
(if available)
Heli aerial surrounding footage
(if available)
(location & weather dependent)
English voice-over production$400
Dual branding for co-listing
(two film versions)
Additional film work, editing, revisions, and motion graphics
(per hour)
Crew travel fee
(if required)
Subject to quote

Compare Video & Film Service Levels

Compare Video & Film Service Levels




Service descriptionBasic
real estate videos
crafted real estate films
marketing films
Suitable for homesUnder C$2 millionAllAll
ResolutionHD 1080P4K4K
Length1:30-2:30 minutes2:30-4:00 minutes2:30-5:00 minutes
MusicStandard tracks
(Limited library)
Standard tracks
(Extended library)
Premium tracks
(Tailored approach)
Promotion on
360 Instagram & YouTube
(property dependent)
(property dependent)
LicensingLIMITED USE license
real estate marketing
(non-exclusive, non-transferable)
real estate marketing
(non-exclusive, non-transferable)
royalty free license
(non-exclusive, non-transferable)
Daytime & twilight
property coverage
Agent intro1-
Short character vignette2-
Car driving sequence-
Project creative brief--
Custom shooting schedule--
Standard aerial footageadd-onadd-on-
Master aerial footageadd-onadd-onadd-on
Social media formatted versionadd-onadd-onadd-on
Unbranded version-add-onadd-on
Stock area footage3add-onadd-onadd-on
Stock aerial footage3-add-onadd-on
On-screen text titlesadd-onadd-onadd-on
Motion graphics or animations-add-onadd-on
Custom animated branding-add-onadd-on
English voice-over-add-onadd-on
Mandarin voice-over-add-onadd-on
Madarin sub-titles-add-onadd-on
Actors or models5--add-on
  1. Agent intro: A maximum of one hour is allocated for these extra scenes. Film production that exceeds one hour for these scenes becomes a semi-custom production and will be billed at our hourly rate of $100/hr for both filming and additional editing required.
  2. Short character vignette: A maximum of one hour is allocated for these extra scenes. Film production that exceeds one hour for these scenes becomes a semi-custom production and will be billed at our hourly rate of $100/hr for both filming and additional editing required. Character not provided.
  3. Area and aerial stock footage: Please ask for our availability of stock footage. Not available for all areas. If we do not have stock footage of the areas you have requested, filming this footage will be billed out our at our hourly rate of $100/hr.
  4. Timelapse: Not every location lends itself to timelapse photography. Weather conditions influence the ability to capture effective time-lapses.
  5. Actors or models: People in our films can be provided by the client or we can include casting and character selection in the custom project estimate.
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